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Carpet Cleaning Carlton

Little information about us

Carpet cleaning Carlton is a professional cleaning company with strict quality standards and a lot of experience in cleaning carpets. Our aim is to bring high quality services that meet with the customer's budget. We have qualified staff ready to clean up your carpet to every detail. We use the latest tools in cleaning and absolutely harmless detergents.

About our professional cleaners

Our expert staff is fully trained to cope with any kind of dirt and stains. By using non-polluting detergents we provide high-quality cleaning in a safe environment. We use only modern tools and techniques to clean even the toughest stains.

Why book a service from us

For carpet cleaning Carlton, low prices and high-quality carpet cleaning come hand in hand. Most of the time, our busy lifestyles deprive us of time for managing and coping with our basic domestic chores. The goal of our professional cleaning company is to deliver high-end carpet and home cleaning at good prices.

What carpet cleaning Carlton has to offer

Our large range of services includes all kinds of cleaning methods. Here is a short list of the different carpet cleaning Carlton services.

  • Dry carpet cleaning is a process used mostly for low soiling. It uses low amount of moisture to extract the grime from you carpet.
  • Steam carpet cleaning is used for medium soiling and it contains the use of steam to loosen the dirt.
  • Intensive deep cleaning uses hot water with high pressure for loosening and dissolving the worst stains. It is being followed by stain resistant treatments.

We also have unique cleaning service offers and a lot of additional services made to meet our customers' taste and needs. Call us now to learn more about them.

Carpet cleaning Carlton's prices and discounts

We know that prices are important for our clients. That's why we provide great discount offers that give you the opportunity to save up to 15% of you bill by booking more than one cleaning service at the same time.

How to book a service

Call us right away to learn more about our additional services and our price packages on 03 8820 5415. Our lines are open 24/7 to deliver you the needed information. You could also reach us and book a cleaning service online using our request a service page. Simply fill out the form and enjoy a clean and fresh looking carpet.

Customer reviews

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I'm not usually one for big parties, but my fortieth got a little out of hand! After Party Cleaning Melbourne came in the very next morning and by the afternoon you'd never have known the party had happened! A great service, and one I highly recommend.
Mr A. Huntingdon

We had a house full of rubbish after my son's leaving party and I hadn't a clue what to do with it all. One quick call to After Party Cleaning Melbourne and the very next day it was all gone! Fantastic service from a great company.
Ms P. Moore

I don't know how many cleaning companies I called who said 'no' to my company's office party - but After Party Cleaning Melbourne didn't even bat an eyelid. They were straight in and out - no fuss. Brilliant!
Mrs T. Morrell


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